Emergency Assistance/Benevolence FAQs


Benevolence Applications are only received on Sundays up to one hour after the 10:00am Worship Celebration in the Rainbow Room.

Benevolence Applications will not be available or received at any other time.

If you are applying for Benevolence, please bring the following:

-Copy of bill requesting assistance for (must be in the name of the person requesting assistance)

-Copies of 2 current pay stubs

-Copy of current cycle bank statement



Can I apply for Benevolence Assistance if I’m not a member of Victory?

The Victory Church accepts requests for and awards Benevolence Assistance to members as well as those who are a part of our community (non-church members).  

When Can I Apply For Assistance?

Benevolence Assistance Forms are only received on Sundays up to one hour after the 10:00am Worship Celebration.

Can I email or fax my Benevolence Assistance Form?

No, only forms brought to the Rainbow Room after the 10:00 am Worship Celebration on Sunday's are reviewed. Faxed or emailed forms are not considered for Benevolence Assistance.

What specific types of assistance does The Victory Church offer as Benevolence?

While we understand that people from all walks and stages of life have needs, The Victory Church offers Benevolence Assistance to individuals for the following life needs:  Rent/Mortgage, Utility, Transportation, Food/Clothing, (these requests are facilitated through our Food and Clothing Bank), and other emergency circumstances.

The Victory Church does not offer Benevolence for student loans, credit card payments, tuition, child/spousal support, elective medical expenses, and/or any other expenses that are not deemed as absolutely essential to an individual’s life and primary well-being.

How long is the process for reviewing general Benevolence Assistance Requests?
While we understand that various needs arise without notice and often at inopportune times, those seeking Benevolence Assistance are asked to allow 10-14 business days for processing of your application.

What assistance does The Victory Church offer for extreme emergencies?
The Victory Church offers expedited consideration for Emergency Assistance.  An Emergency Assistance request is defined as a total and/or significant loss by fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster. Emergency Assistance Requests are still subject to availability of funds and approval from the Benevolence Review Committee.

What is the estimated processing time for Emergency Assistance Requests?
Emergency Assistance Requests will be reviewed as soon as possible and a determination can be expected in 2-4 business days.

Can my application be reviewed without all of the requested information?
No.  In an attempt to expedite the review process, applicants are encouraged to provide a completed assistance request including all up-to-date supporting documentation required at the time of submission. Please note that any missing information can result in longer processing times.

Will my Benevolence Request Application be kept confidential?
In accordance with legal guidelines, all Benevolence Request applications are confidential and under no circumstances will that information be shared or sold to outside agencies, or accessible to non-pertinent staff/committee members.

Who reviews Benevolence Requests and how are decisions determined?
All requests are reviewed by the Benevolence Review Committee and are subject to the availability of funds, frequency of previous requests and accuracy/verification of information provided in the application.

How often can I apply for Benevolence Assistance with The Victory Church?
While we ask that any person receiving Benevolence assistance wait 12 months (1 Year) before requesting additional Benevolence Assistance, special consideration is given to individuals experiencing extreme emergencies.

If I’m approved for Benevolence Assistance, how will the funds be awarded to me?
Benevolence Assistance awards are made in the form of payments directly to the company (with the applicant’s account number referenced on the church check.)  The Victory Church does not give cash awards or make checks payable to individual applicants.

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