Married Couples Fellowship Ministry

Married Couples Fellowship Ministry Mission

The Married Fellowship Ministry provides a forum for married persons to associate as well as strengthen their loving relationships.

May Weddings to be Recognized
The Married Couples Fellowship Ministry will recognize May Wedding Anniversaries during Worship Celebration on Sunday, May 20, 2018. If you were married in the month of May, please send a photo of you and your spouse together and your wedding anniversary date by Wednesday, May 16, 2018, to

Married Couples Fellowship Ministry salutes our members who were married in the months of January through April.


Donald & Valerie Payne

Married January 24, 1976

Deacon Jesse & Johnnie Crews

Married February 5, 1985

 Daniel & Lanoria Buttrum

Married February 19, 1994

Doris Black & Dot Young

Married February 22, 2013

 Courtney & Amanda Hayes
Married March 27, 2006

Larry & Beverly Hayes
Married April 29, 2000
 Byron R. & Gloria Ivery Holmes, Sr.
Married April 19, 2017
Econuel & Barbara Ingram
Married April 24, 1985 

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